Mission Foods Introduces Certified Organic Tortilla Chips

05-30-2012 Mission® Foods announces Mission Organics Tortilla Chips, a new line of USDA certified organic tortilla chips. With the same great taste consumers have come to expect from Mission Foods, the new Mission Organics Tortilla Chips bring the brand’s trade...

Mission® Foods Unveils NachoTron 3000 at 2011 Border Showdown

11-10-2011 Mission® Foods brings together its passion for tortilla chips and football as it announces the unveiling of NachoTron 3000 – the world’s first interactive, competitive nacho-making machine at the 2011 Border Showdown game between the Kansas Jayhawks ...

Mission® Unveils New Artisan Style Tortillas

10-17-2011 New Mission® Artisan Style Tortillas combine unique and flavorful whole grains into hearty varieties including Corn & Whole Wheat Blend, Ancient Grains, Multigrain and Flaxseed and Blue Corn Blend.

Mission Menus Challenge

06-28-2010 Mission Foods announces Mission Menus Challenge with Celebrity Chef Sara Moulton.
Win a $10,000 Kitchen appliance makeover.

Visit MissionMenusChallenge.com for more information about the c...

New Mission® Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas

06-23-2010 All new Mission® Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas are 100% whole wheat and contain 30g of whole grain per serving - more than half the recommended daily value. The newest product in Mission's better-for-you product line, Mission Flour Tortillas have earne...

Elizabeth Somer, M.A.

3-2010 Elizabeth Somer is a registered dietician who has carved a unique professional niche as one of the few, if not only, dieticians who is well-versed in nutrition research. For 25 years, she has kept abreast of the current research, packaging that infor...

10 Things to Make with a Package of Tortillas

Tortillas may not be the first thing to come to mind when you’re planning your meals, but they should be a staple in your pantry because there are so many ways you can use them – breakfast tacos, wraps, casseroles, burritos and more. Here are 10 Thin...

Mission Foods Hits a Home Run for Chicago Baseball Fans

02-2010 The Tortilla Giant Mission Foods Becomes the Official Tortilla and Tortilla Chip of the Chicago White Sox.

Mom 2.0 Summit: An Open Conversation Between Moms & Marketers

2-26-2010 Mission Foods sponsored the second annual Mom 2.0 Summit: An Open Conversation Between Mom & Marketers. A sold-out event held at the Four Seasons hotel in Houston, Texas, Mom 2.0 welcomed more than 350 attendees from all over the country, including t...

Tortilla Facts

  • Gruma, the parent company of Mission Foods, revolutionized the tortilla-making process by creating Maseca corn flour that allowed for convenient mass production of corn tortillas while preserving their authentic taste. And this process is sti...

According to Tortillas.com

  • The word "tortilla" comes from the Spanish word "torta" which means round cake.

Fun Factoids about Mission Foods

  • How many tortillas are made in a day/a year?

      • Tortillas per day: 10,226,261
        Tortillas per year: 29,247,106,909