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7 Gluten Free Lunch Recipes for Back-to-School Success

Aug. 8, 2021

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It’s back to school season, and if your kids eat gluten free recipes, it can be challenging to find meals that mix flavor with nutrition and can fit inside a lunchbox! Here are seven gluten free lunch recipes that check all the boxes to ease your transition back to school.

Finding gluten free recipes for kids can be tricky; you don’t want to toss their favorite flavors along with the gluten! Fortunately, we know that packing healthy, easy, and delicious lunches for your kids as you send them back to school is a priority – and we’ve taken some of the work off your plate! We’ve rounded up seven of our best gluten free lunch recipes that your kids will surely love, so break out the lunchboxes and get packing!

Cream Cheese and Veggie Wrap

Sending kids back to school often includes crossing your fingers that they’ll actually eat the vegetables you’ve packed in their lunch! If you’re looking for a creative way to serve veggies that is also gluten free, try this cream cheese and veggie wrap. These wraps are a great way to turn vegetables into a fun bite during lunch. Choose whatever crispy veggies you’d like, but our favorite is wrapping carrots, bell pepper, and cucumber slices in our naturally gluten-free Street Tacos Yellow Corn Tortillas with a layer of cream cheese for added flavor and protein.

Photo: Mission Foods via missionfoods.com

Baked Taquitos

Kids love a lunch they can dip, so pack these gluten free baked taquitos with a side of ranch, salsa, or barbecue sauce for a meal they’ll rave about. These taquitos use our Gluten Free Original Tortilla Wraps as a base for the pulled pork and bacon filling; cook them in the oven for 10-12 minutes or use an air fryer for even quicker clean up! You can prep these taquitos ahead of time and keep them crisp by storing in an air-tight bag with a bit of paper towel to absorb the moisture.

Gluten Free Tortilla Pizza

Gluten free recipes for kids don’t have to overlook their favorites, so fire up this pizza recipe to impress everyone in the lunchroom. Our Gluten Free Original Tortilla Wraps serve as the perfect base for these mini pizzas since they toast up to a delightful crispy texture. To make this easy gluten free lunch extra-filling, create a double layer of tortillas, marinara sauce, and cheese before adding your kids’ favorite toppings. Crisp in the oven for about 10 minutes the night before school, then cut into wedges to put into lunch boxes the next day – everyone knows cold pizza is a treat!

Gluten Free Greek Turkey Wraps

Lunch is more fun when it’s colorful, so break out our Gluten Free Spinach Herb Tortilla Wraps to entice your kids to eat this delicious lunchtime wrap that’s full of protein and flavor. You can prep the filling for this wrap days in advance by browning some ground turkey with your favorite Greek seasonings and adding prepared pinto beans to the mix. The day of, fill your wrap with some turkey-bean filling along with diced cucumber, red onion, lettuce, and tzatziki sauce, then pack up! If your kids don’t like the strong flavors in this dish, you can leave out the onion and swap the sauce with a mild cheese instead!

Ham and Apple Quesadilla

The typical lunchtime sandwich could use a refresh. Make it gluten free (and more fun) by substituting our naturally gluten-free Street Tacos White Corn Tortillas for the bread, and add some apple and a delectable homemade honey mustard for a flavorful treat. These ham, apple, and cheddar cheese quesadillas fit perfectly into a lunchbox once cut in half, though you may want to add seconds just in case your kids want to share!

Photo: Mission Foods via missionfoods.com

Funky Monkey Banana Chocolate Quesadilla

Who says that lunch can’t include a bit of a sweet treat? Make an easy gluten free meal that’s packed with protein and a little dessert by filling our Gluten Free Original Tortilla Wraps with almond butter, banana slices, and some chocolate chips. Heat the quesadillas to melt everything together, then pack in a lunchbox for the perfect midday meal.

Photo: Mission Foods via missionfoods.com

Cheesy Chicken Ranch Wraps

You can’t go wrong with an easy gluten free meal that includes cheese and ranch dressing. Your kids will love the flavors in this chicken wrap, and you’ll love the protein and nutrition. To make this dish even easier, buy a pre-cooked chicken from your local store! Using our Gluten Free Original Tortilla Wraps as a base for the delicious cheese-chicken-ranch filling means that you’re able to provide a tasty lunch for your kids without compromising their dietary needs.

Send your kids back to school with these easy and delicious gluten free lunches today!


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