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Keto Recipes that Mix Nutrition with Flavor

July 8, 2021

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If you’re trying to cut out extra carbs (we’re looking at you, bread and pasta!) to follow a keto meal plan, you may find that you’re missing certain meals and flavors. We know that finding recipes to match your nutritional goals and please your palate isn’t always easy, so we’ve rounded up five of our keto-friendly meal ideas that highlight classic flavors and our tasty tortillas. You can’t go wrong with these keto recipes!

Keto-Friendly Coconut Butter Chicken Wrap

Taking control of your nutrition doesn’t have to mean forgoing the delicious and rich flavors of varied cuisine. For a tasty keto-friendly meal that will rival the restaurant down the street, try these coconut butter chicken wraps. Using coconut oil to cook the chicken will add extra interest to the dish, while the ginger, curry powder, and paprika will give it a nice kick (add some cayenne if you’d like to turn up the heat even more!). After the chicken is cooked, add coconut milk, chicken broth, almond butter, and tomato paste; these ingredients will help thicken your sauce and give the chicken a rich, deep flavor. While the sauce is thickening, cook your favorite cauliflower rice until just tender and warm our keto-friendly Carb Balance Soft Taco Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas. Assemble everything along with some spinach or baby kale, and enjoy your very own keto version of delicious Indian-inspired cuisine!

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Keto-Friendly Sesame Beef & Broccoli Wraps

The secret to this tasty keto-friendly recipe is the high heat; using a wok or other large skillet, you can sear in the flavor easily and make your beef and broccoli tender and crispy all at the same time. After you’ve softened the broccoli and seared the meat, add some green onions and pepper to the hot skillet and sauté for another minute. Add a homemade soy sauce that highlights sesame oil and sesame paste, then allow everything to boil for a few minutes. Fill our warm Carb Balance Soft Taco Flour Tortillas with your delicious mixture and enjoy a keto meal that’s full of flavor.

Keto Cheeseburger Sliders

If your family is craving burgers, whip up this easy keto recipe that features our perfectly-portioned Street Tacos Carb Balance Whole Wheat Tortillas. Making your own burger patties using ground beef and steak seasoning means that you can control the cook for everyone in the family; add cheese on top during the final minute of cooking for some extra flavor. Use the warmed tortillas as the burger base and layer some sriracha and Dijon mustard for a nice kick. Top with the burger patty, tomato, avocado, and some arugula before you cap everything off with the final warmed tortilla. You’ll be ready to serve a keto meal that the whole family will enjoy!

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Zoodles and Meatball Keto Wraps

Here’s a keto recipe idea that everyone will want on the menu – a spin on spaghetti and meatballs. Make your own zucchini noodles or substitute store-bought for an even easier dish; after all, the homemade meatballs are the star of this show. Combine ground beef, pesto, and some baking soda to make flavorful meatballs; cook until browned on all sides, then add tomato sauce to your skillet and allow it to reduce and begin to coat the meatballs. Warm our Carb Balance Sundried Tomato Basil Wraps to punch up the pesto flavor in your meatballs and fill with zoodles, meatballs, kale and some cheese of your choice!

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Keto BLT Tacos

Who said you need bread for a sandwich? Turn a BLT into a keto recipe by using our Street Tacos Carb Balance Whole Wheat Tortillas to make tacos rather than sandwiches. This is a meal that the kids can help prepare, too, so put them to work laying the bacon on a tray to crisp in the oven (or crisp in a skillet to skip the preheating part). Add the crispy bacon on top of a tortilla, then drizzle with a sour cream and lime sauce that will complement the avocado, tomato, and lettuce. A quick and easy keto meal idea that you can serve for lunch or dinner!

These delicious keto recipes will become a regular rotation in your lunch and dinner menus!


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