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Make it a Street Taco Summer With These Recipes From Mission

July 10, 2021

You don’t need to chase down a food truck to find the authentic flavors of street tacos. With help from Mission, anyone can make delicious meals from the comfort of home. Their extensive recipe collection and quality products will be your best friend in the kitchen. 

Photo: Mission Foods via missionfoods.com

Today, we’ll highlight some of the best street taco recipes in the Mission Foods catalog to keep your summer menu fresh. From breakfast to a midnight snack, you’ll find the perfect taco for any meal of the day. The next time street tacos are on your mind, give one of these ideas a try. 

Chorizo and Egg Street Tacos

These street tacos are just as delicious at sunrise as they are when breakfast is for dinner. There’s really not a wrong time to combine chorizo and eggs in Mission’s Street Tacos White Corn Tortillas

Cook chorizo and break it into small pieces until right before it’s done. With a few minutes left, add in onion, peppers, and tomatoes and stir occasionally. Remove the meat mixture and begin to cook eggs in the same pan. Scrambled eggs will work best inside the tortillas. 

For a traditional Mexican double tortilla experience, double stack your street taco tortillas before assembly, and top with an avocado slice. This recipe serves four, making it a great start to the day for the whole family. 

Game Day Street Tacos

Don’t let the name fool you, these street tacos are good on game day or just any ordinary day. Most cuts of steak will work, but we’ve found flank works the best and will cut into strips easily. While letting the meat marinate, cut avocados and tomatoes into chunks and then toss in a bowl. 

After warming up your tortillas, you’ll want to cook the steak in a sauté pan for around three minutes and let it rest for another two minutes. Add avocado and tomato salsa to your Mission Street Taco Flour Tortillas for bold flavor and quality ingredients. 

Photo: Mission Foods via missionfoods.com

Etouffee Street Tacos

Don’t let the list of ingredients in this recipe intimidate you, these Cajun-flavored tacos are easy to make and so delicious. Start by making a roux, don’t worry-we’ve got directions, and then add sausage, onion, celery, and peppers. 

After about 10 minutes, add garlic for a minute, whisk in the broth, and simmer for 20 minutes after adding tomatoes. This is a great time to get the red beans and rice started, before moving on to the shrimp. 

To cook the shrimp, you’ll add seasoning to a saucepan and then sauté until the shrimp has color. Wrap in Street Tacos White Corn Tortillas from Mission and enjoy. This recipe serves 12, so keep this recipe handy for gatherings. 

Photo: Mission Foods via missionfoods.com

Peanut Butter, Banana, and Honey Street Tacos

If you’ve been searching for a delicious, filling snack that works around the clock then look no further. Our recipe calls for peanut butter, banana, granola, raisins, honey, and chocolate chips but your imagination is the only limitation with this versatile snack. 

Spread peanut butter on a Mission Street Tacos Flour Tortilla for a sticky base to capture all of the ingredients. Next, add banana slices and honey on top of the peanut butter. Finally, sprinkle on raisins, granola, and chocolate chips. This snack is the perfect combination of tastes and textures, so whip up a whole batch to enjoy on the go. 

Street tacos are incredibly versatile and authentic, with a size perfect for both quick snacks or full, bold meals, so try something new with these recipes. Or visit Mission online for more meal ideas and inspiration. With hundreds of recipes and a versatile lineup of products, Mission Foods is your one-stop-shop for delicious foods. 


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