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Tasty Tostadas Recipes That Make Your Mouth Water

June 25, 2021

Tostadas are a blank slate, just waiting to be adorned with a variety of delicious toppings.Traditional Mexican toppings are just the tip of the iceberg of what can be added to a tostada. These delicious flour or corn crispy, flat tortillas can be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Whether you prefer savory or sweet, here are a few delicious options to tickle your taste buds using your favorite Mission products.

Breakfast Tostadas

Tostadas for breakfast? You bet! Eggs, cheese, sausage, bacon, veggies, and fruits can be added to your favorite tostada shell for a perfect first meal of the day. In addition to the recipe below, you can add any of your favorite breakfast toppings to a tostada to create a breakfast of champions.

Photo: Mission Foods via missionfoods.com

Featuring Mission Baked Tostadas, Saucy Bacon and Egg Tostadas can be a scrumptious start to your day. The homemade red salsa is the perfect blend of tomatoes, onion, garlic, serrano, cilantro, and vegetable or chicken broth. The fresh salsa makes the perfect condiment for this egg, bacon, and refried pinto bean tostada.

Lunch and Dinner Tostadas

Traditional tostadas are considered lunch and dinner fare. There are many variations to bring an unexpected twist to typical tostadas. Whether it is the addition of shrimp, nopalitos, chorizo and chicken or gluten free air fryer tostadas; a little non-traditional topping can make for a surprisingly yummy meal.

Shrimp can be a unique tostada topping. Baked Tostadas with Shrimp features mango, tomato, green chili, cilantro, and orange juice as a marinade for cocktail shrimp. Top it off with avocado and lettuce for a perfectly paired burst of flavors.

Photo: Mission Foods via missionfoods.com

Napalitos are the edible paddles of the prickly pear cactus. If you want to surprise your family and friends with something they may not have tried, Baked Tostadas with Roasted Nopalitos may be the perfect recipe. Roasted nopalitos are combined with olive oil, lemon juice, panela cheese, tomato, cilantro and green chili and served on a Mission Baked Tostada.

A much more traditional tostada is one topped with Mexican chorizo and chicken. Chorizo Chicken Tostadas features Mission Organic White Corn Tortillas browned in a skillet with oil. Customize with your choice of toppings such as avocado, sour cream, tomato, cilantro and salsa.

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If you are looking for a gluten free recipe, Guten Free Air Fryer Tostadas feature Mission Gluten Free Tortillas. When cooked in an air fryer and topped with seasoned ground beef, beans, and a variety of toppings, these crispy and tasty tostadas will hit the spot!

Dessert Tostadas

When you think of dessert, tostadas are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But when topped with sweet ingredients such as fruit, brown sugar, greek yogurt, and ice cream, how can you go wrong?

These Fruity Feta Tostadas make a delicious ending to a meal or a special treat to enjoy on the porch on a sunny day. A mixture of greek yogurt, blueberries and raspberries make a delicious topping to adorn your baked tostada. You can garnish it with additional fruit and a mint leaf to make it fun and fancy.

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A delicious twist on Bananas Foster, Pineapple Foster Rum Soaked Tostadas features Mission Street Taco Sweet Hawaiian Tortillas. Pineapple spears glazed in butter, brown sugar, and corn syrup are the crown jewel of this delicious dessert. A splash of lime juice, dark rum, and vanilla with a pinch of cinnamon creates a wonderful symphony of flavors. Top it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a dessert that will wow all of your guests at your next gathering.  A little creativity, the right combination of ingredients, and the perfect Mission tostada base can be the recipe for a unique and tasty tostada! Check out all of our tostado flavors!


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