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The Five Best Vegetarian-Friendly Recipes From Mission

May 6, 2021

Whether for ethical reasons or just to mix it up, more and more people are reducing the amount of meat they consume and looking for plant-based alternatives to their favorite meals. Luckily, there have never been more options available to consumers looking to reduce their meat intake. 

Today, we’ve got the best vegetarian and plant-based recipes available on the Mission Foods website and the perfect products to pair with each. From lighter breakfast options to dinner ideas on meatless Monday, these recipes are a great way to cut back on meat without sacrificing flavor. 

They also don’t take a culinary genius to pull off. Most ingredients are simple and easily found at your local grocery store. Give some of these vegetarian meal options a try and reduce your impact by eating less meat. 

Photo: Mission Foods via missionfoods.com

Farmer’s Market Breakfast Enchiladas

If you’re looking for a meatless morning meal these enchiladas are a tasty choice. There are lentils, eggs, and cheese to fuel you for the day and our authentic blend of spices makes this vegetarian recipe delicious. 

Start by blending coconut milk, avocado, lime juice, jalapeños, and spices. After that, you’ll cook the lentils and eggs, and preheat your oven to bake the constructed enchiladas. After building the enchiladas, top with cheese and start baking. 

Prep and cook time only take about 30 minutes, and our recipe can feed three people easily. Wrap these enchiladas with Mission’s Organic Flour Tortillas for an authentic taste made with simple ingredients. Start your day right with these extravagant enchiladas. 

Photo: Mission Foods via missionfoods.com

Easy Chickpea Shawarma Wraps

You won’t see a vegetarian shawarma recipe every day. Loaded with chickpeas and vegetables like kale and cucumbers, you might like this over more traditional shawarma creations. 

Start by heating up the oil and cooking the chickpeas with our spice mixture. After eight to ten minutes, you’ll mix up the tahini mixture, and begin constructing the wraps. Check out our video recipe for full directions, and wrap with Mission’s Carb Balance Sundried Tomato Basil Wraps for a flavorful wrap to enjoy this vegetarian recipe. 

BBQ Jackfruit Wraps

One of the most popular meat substitutes of recent years, jackfruit is versatile and easy to prepare. Pulled jackfruit can look and taste similar to pulled pork, and has enabled vegetarians to continue to enjoy a barbecue after going meatless. 

After shredding the jackfruit, you’ll begin cooking it in a skillet over medium heat and combining spices. Toss together cabbage, lime juice, salt, and olive oil and let it stand for five to ten minutes to allow the cabbage to tenderize. Finally, wrap all ingredients in Mission’s Protein Tortilla Wraps for a plant-powered tortilla with only three grams of net carbs per wrap. 

Photo: Mission Foods via missionfoods.com

Fresh Vegetable Quesadillas

If you’re looking for a filling quesadilla recipe without chicken or steak, our vegetable quesadillas are the perfect vegetarian meal for you. You’ll start by cooking squash, zucchini, bell peppers, green onions, and tomatoes in a medium skillet. 

After the vegetables are ready, set aside and warm up some Mission Organic Flour Tortillas. Finally, combine all ingredients and reheat for two or three minutes. This will give your tortillas a satisfying crunch with each and every bite. 

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

Sometimes, it’s easier to stick with an appetizer instead of preparing a full meal. Our vegan Buffalo chicken dip packs a ton of flavor into a vegetarian-friendly appetizer the whole family will appreciate. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and begin combining ingredients into a large bowl. 

Once combined, you’ll transfer to a baking sheet and warm up for approximately 30 minutes. Grab a couple of bags of Mission’s Strips Tortilla Chips for a sturdy chip that packs serious taste even though they’re made with only four ingredients. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or just want a dip for lunch, this vegan chicken dip will hit the spot. 

There’s never been a better time to experiment with alternatives and find ways to reduce your meat intake. Vegetarians no longer have to order off the kid’s menu and suffer without an adequate number of meal options. And with the quality, authentic taste of Mission products, your meat-based menu might soon be replaced with vegetarian-friendly options. 


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