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Tortilla Hacks 101: Warming Tortillas

Nov. 3, 2021

Before you use those delicious tortillas in a meal, make sure to warm them first! If you’d like to know how to heat tortillas the best way every time, here are several methods that are perfect for any recipe.

So many delicious snacks and meals start with a tortilla; from Mexican classics to healthy wraps, recipes that use tortillas are always a hit. One of the best ways to ensure your meal is positively perfect? Warm the tortillas. This extra step will help take your dish to the next level, and it’s easy enough that your kids could even help with this part of the preparation. If you’ve always wondered how to warm tortillas, read ahead for several tried-and-true (and maybe surprising) methods.

Using the Microwave

Perhaps the simplest and fastest way to warm tortillas is in the microwave. While this method may be efficient, it’s not the best when you also need your tortillas to be crisp. If you’re looking simply for heat, however, nothing is easier. To make sure that the tortillas don’t dry out, cover a stack of five to ten with a damp paper towel before heating for about thirty seconds. Everything from our Extra Thin Yellow Corn Tortillas to our hearty Organic Whole Wheat Tortillas will warm up well using this method.

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Stovetop Skillet

If you’re looking for a fast way to get your tortillas warm and crispy, use a stovetop skillet. With or without oil, tortillas will warm in only two or three minutes over high heat (so watch out for burning!). If you’re planning to use the tortillas in a recipe like these delicious Cheesesteak Quesadillas, warm one side, fill, then fold over to warm the other side evenly – the warm interior will help the cheese melt! If you’re warming many tortillas this way, make sure to turn the heat down slightly after the first few – over time, the skillet will get hotter and begin to burn your tortillas.

In the Oven

Warming tortillas in the oven requires more time than other options, but it can be one of the best ways to get evenly warm and crisp tortillas without added oil. It’s also one of the best ways to warm and crisp large batches of tortillas. To keep the tortillas flat while they crisp, place them on an overturned cookie sheet for about eight minutes. Pro tip: place the cookie sheet in the oven as it preheats so that the surface is already hot when you place the tortillas on top! Getting perfectly warm and crispy tortillas using this method is great for recipes like this Chicken Pesto Tortilla Pizza; you can prepare all the toppings as usual while our delicious Cauliflower Tortillas are in the oven! If you just need the tortillas warm, but not crispy, try using a ceramic or terracotta covered dish; just 10-15 minutes in the oven on a low temperature is enough to warm through a small stack, and they’ll stay insulated on the table in this dish, too!

Photo: Mission Foods via missionfoods.com

Campfire? No Problem!

Tortillas are a great product to take on camping or backpacking trips; they’re lightweight, flat, and full of flavor. Our Protein Tortilla Wraps are especially useful out on the trail to make sure you have plenty of energy for any trek. Even when you’re far from modern conveniences, warming your tortillas is easy. Wrap the desired number in foil, making sure to tightly pinch all of the edges, then place the packet down among the coals near a fire (either the remains of an old fire or along the edges of an active one). After about 10 minutes in the coals, the tortillas will be warm and toasty! This technique is also a hit at backyard barbecues.

“Tortilla Warmers”

There are many products marketed as “tortilla warmers,” and most are designed to be used with one of the methods described above! Ceramic and terracotta warmers go in the oven, plastic ones are for the microwave, and homemade cloth warmers are designed to keep tortillas warm on the table after you’ve employed one of the methods above. Traditional tortilla warmers are usually woven baskets with lids, designed to allow steam to escape while keeping much of the heat in – this keeps your tortillas perfectly toasty without getting soggy! If you find yourself making Mission meals several nights a week (and who would blame you?), investing in a tortilla warmer could make your job easier. Make sure to get one that’s big enough to accommodate even the largest tortillas like our Burrito Flour Tortilla powerhouse.

No matter the method, warm tortillas bring something extra-special to a meal, so take the time to heat things up before you serve.


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