Coronavirus Update

Mission Foods continues to closely monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation and is staying appraised of any new developments concerning COVID-19. We are regularly monitoring guidance from the CDC, FDA, and other health authorities, and we are following the appropriate health directives and guidance to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Safety has been and continues to be Mission Foods’ utmost priority. Mission Foods normally operates under stringent food safety protocols, and our facilities are regularly sanitized pursuant to a stringent sanitization protocol. Nonetheless, during this COVID-19 situation, we are taking heightened measures to ensure food safety and the safety of our employees. Mission Foods has implemented increased cleaning and sanitization efforts for our facilities and our employees; protocols to monitor our employees’ health, including daily questionnaires and temperature monitoring; new policies and guidelines concerning our employees’ health; and comprehensive screening for visitors to Mission Foods’ facilities. Our employees have been informed of these new protocols and cleaning and sanitization efforts. We remain in constant communication with our employees and are committed to ensuring their safety at all times.

As a food supplier, Mission Foods understands its important role in helping ensure our food supply during this difficult time. The Department of Homeland Security has deemed food suppliers as a critical infrastructure industry that are imperative to public health and safety and community well-being, and classified their workers as essential workers. As such, Mission Foods’ manufacturing plants are open as we try to meet our consumers’ higher-than-normal demand during this situation. Mission Foods remains committed to providing our consumers with the service and products they have come to expect, even during this trying time.

Mission Foods knows this is a difficult time, but we are committed to handling the situation with the utmost care and following guidance from the relevant health authorities. We remain committed to supporting our employees, our consumers, and our communities during this uniquely challenging situation.