Coronavirus Update

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for people and businesses everywhere. During this time at Mission Foods, we’re playing an essential role to help make sure that American families can keep their pantries stocked and food on their tables. We feel this responsibility not only for those who are able to enjoy our products when they support their favorite restaurant or buy them at their local grocery store. We also know that one in five American households are currently struggling with hunger. That’s why, since the pandemic began, we’ve proudly donated 99,000 cases of Mission Food products to hunger-relief organizations across 29 states.

It is abundantly clear that we must all do our part in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. At Mission Foods, we have taken numerous company-wide steps to protect the health and safety of our employees starting in early March. We’re confident that our early, aggressive and ongoing actions have helped combat workplace spread and ensure that our products are safe for enjoyment. We hope that awareness of our specific actions also give confidence to our employees, consumers and communities:

  • Decisive and Rigorous Measures: Our broad range of company-wide health and safety measures meet or often exceed the requirements of health authorities, including mandating the use of facemasks, implementing social distancing requirements, installing plexiglass barriers, restricting the use of common and dining areas, implementing enhanced cleaning and sanitization efforts, and screening all visitors to our facilities.
  • Personal Monitoring and Health Checks: We require all front-line employees to perform self-evaluations of their temperatures and symptoms prior to leaving home for work, perform a check of temperatures and symptoms once they arrive at work, and also perform an additional temperature check mid-way through each shift in our facilities.
  • Transparency and Reporting: To keep our people informed, we hand-deliver a detailed notice to each employee every time we’re made aware of a confirmed case among our workforce in their respective facility. Although we do not share the identity of any affected employee, notices always include the affected employee’s department, shift and last day worked, as well as recommended preventive measures. Close contacts are also immediately informed.
  • Positive Cases and High-Risk Individuals: We’re constantly communicating that any employee who tests positive for COVID-19 or exhibits symptoms of the illness is required to stay home until they are cleared to return to work in accordance with CDC and local guidelines, and they are provided two weeks of paid leave to do so. We also encourage and allow high-risk individuals who may be concerned about contracting COVID-19 to take extended leaves of absence.

At Mission Foods, we know that ensuring health and safety requires vigilance. We’re constantly reviewing industry best practices and the latest guidance from local, state and federal health authorities. We will not hesitate to take additional actions as the situation and understanding of the virus evolves. Above all, we remain committed to supporting our employees, our customers and our communities as we together see our way through these extraordinary times.